Why Floor Grinding?

Concrete floors deserve better treatment than just being covered up. An HTC Superfloor will really make you appreciate the advantages of using concrete as an exposed floor surface. Dull, grey floors are transformed into brilliant, low maintenance, environmentally friendly and durable floors. It is so simple, it’s brilliant!

Hy-Brand Industrial Contractors utilize the HTC Superfloor technology to bring you a revolutionary flooring concept with a technique that makes concrete more than just strong and hardwearing. The technique is as simple as it is ingenious. HTC’s machines and diamond tools grind and polish concrete floors resulting in a more durable, shiny and beautiful floor. The environment and your bottom line both benefit as well.

Here some pictures from a couple of our floor grinding projects.

Floor 2 Floor 3 Floor 4 Floor 5 Before Floor 7

Here are a couple of downloads you may enjoy. There are 2 case studies from large global companies are their experience with the HTC Floor Systems, and a brochure from HTC Floor Systems about the company and why you may want to learn more.

Superfloor v3

Hitachi Case Study

Lancaster Case Study